01:38 Transmart Full Day Sale Video: Today’s Special! Refrigerators to TV Discounts on Transmart News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Transmart Full Day Sale is back with a big shopping discount party.

On Sunday, October 1 2023, all Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia are offering special discounts for one whole day of 50% plus 20%.

TVs, refrigerators, electric bicycles, clothes, various household items, fruit and chicken are on sale at cheaper prices starting from shop openings until 22.00 local time.

Especially for televisions from various brands such as LG, Polytron, Sharp, Panasonic and Samsung, special discounts are given.

There is a 65″ UHD Smart TV LED TV selling for IDR 7,679,200 from the normal price starting from IDR 11,209,000. Meanwhile the 55″ UHS SMART SAMSUNG LED TV UA55CU8000K is priced at only IDR 6,959,200.

Apart from that, there is also a 436L Side By Side Refrigerator for Java, Balu & Hull, with a sale price of IDR 6,215,200. while for outside Java, Bali & Lampung the price is only IDR 6,639,200.

For buyers who want to get a special price discount program at the Transmart Full Day Sale, they can make transactions with Allo Prime, Bank Mega and Bank Mega Syariah.

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