08:19 Video Pak Jokowi, This is How to Boost Liquidity to Bank Credit News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- President Jokowi is starting to worry about the drying up of liquidity because the depletion of money circulation could disrupt the real sector.

This condition is in line with Bank Indonesia data which records that money in circulation in a broad sense (M2) in October 2023 only grew 3.4% (yoy) or became the growth in Indonesian history. The fall in money circulation was also exacerbated by the growth in ongoing credit and Third Party Funds (DPK).

What should the government do so that the monetary authority encourages money circulation and increases credit? For complete details, see Safrina Nasution’s dialogue with CNBC Indonesia Chief Economist, Anggito Abimanyu and CNBC Indonesia Editor, Muhammad Khadafi in Squawk Box, CNBC Indonesia (Friday, 01/12/2023)

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