09:45 Road To CNBC Indonesia Awards Not an Ordinary Digital Bank, Amar Bank A Line of Innovative My Money Services – 54 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- CNBC Indonesia is preparing to hold the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards as a form of appreciation for the performance achieved by economic actors and the business world throughout 2023.

Ahead of the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards, CNBC Indonesia is holding the 2023 Road to Indonesia Awards for the “Best Digital Banks” category which will showcase the role and prospects of the digital banking sector in driving Indonesia’s economic progress.

President Director of PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (AMAR), Vishal Tulsian, is positive about the prospects for the development of digital banking in Indonesia. At the beginning of the release of Tunaiku which became the forerunner of Amar Bank, in 2014 Tunaiku focused on lending to the MSME segment, but currently services and product innovation continue to be expanded.

Currently, Amar Bank has recorded disbursement of more than IDR 10 trillion and IDR 1 million loan disbursement. In order to become an unconventional bank with the tagline, save now, spend later, Amar Bank utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to encourage strengthening the digitalization of customer banking.

What is Amar Bank’s product innovation like? What is AMAR’s role in encouraging Indonesian banking literacy? For further details, see Safrina Nasution’s dialogue with the President Director PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (AMAR)Vishal Tulsian on the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards 2023, CNBC Indonesia (Tuesday, 07/11/2023)

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