13:23 Tech A Look 2024 will be the year of the revival of Indonesian startups, here are the signs! Tech – 18 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The Venture Capital Company is still optimistic about the development of startup businesses throughout 2023.

Managing Partner of Indogen Capital, Chandra Firmanto, assesses 2023 as a realistic year for start-up companies in Indonesia. In the midst of financing pressures in an era of high interest rates, startups are currently more focused on strengthening profitability-oriented businesses.

It is hoped that in 2024, the startup industry will be better with more promising market prospects. Apart from that, maintained domestic stability is able to encourage capital flows from East Asia to enter ASEAN, including Indonesia.

Chandra said consumption-related sectors that are able to generate good margins will have the opportunity to grow in 2024.

What will the 2024 startup outlook look like? For further details, see Dina Gurning’s dialogue with Managing Partner of Indogen Capital, Chandra Firmanto in Profit,CNBCIndonesia (Friday, 08/12/2023)

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