2024 Presidential Candidate Debate Ganjar-Mahfud Show Off ‘Sat Set’ in Presidential Candidate Debate, What Does It Mean? Lifestyle – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Candidate pair for president (capres) and vice president (cawapres) number three, Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud Md, wore special clothes in the first debate for the 2024 Presidential Election at the General Election Commission (KPU) Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12/2023) .

Based on monitoring by CNBC Indonesia, Ganjar and Mahfud entered the debate area together wearing white shirts emblazoned with their slogans, namely ‘Sat-Set’ and ‘Tas-Tes’.

You can see that Ganjar is wearing a ‘Sat-Set’ shirt, while Mahfud is wearing a ‘Tas-Tes’ shirt. These two slogans are written on the right side and back of the shirts of presidential and vice presidential candidate number three.

‘Sat-set’ is an expression in Javanese culture which means agile. Meanwhile ‘tas-test’ has the meaning of dexterous. The two slogans used by the Ganjar-Mahfud pair are closely related to the vision they carry, namely acceleration.

For information, the first 2024 presidential and vice presidential debate, which will be held at 19.00 WIB, will raise the themes of Government, Law, Human Rights (HAM), Eradicating Corruption, Strengthening Democracy, Improving Public Services, and Citizen Harmony.

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