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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For those who decide to buy a house using home ownership credit or KPR, they are usually required to pay a down payment or down payment. These payments are a normal part of the home buying process, including the down payment and first payment.

However, considering that the down payment and first payment can be quite large, it is not uncommon for people to look for ways to ensure that their monthly cash flow is not too disrupted. Even though the intentions are good, sometimes efforts to overcome this can actually cause problems in the future, even putting you at risk of getting into debt that is difficult to resolve.

What’s more, implementing this kind of strategy can also have a negative impact on your financial condition when you enter old age.

So, for those of you who are considering applying for a KPR, you should avoid the three ways to pay the down payment which will be discussed below.

House down payment 0%

There are quite a few advertisements scattered on the internet about houses with 0% down payment or even no down payment. This promotion is quite tempting, but behind that, there are big losses that home buyers can accept.

Generally, KPR sets a fixed interest rate in the initial year, then the interest will float in the following year.

What happens if you don’t pay any down payment at all? The principal of your mortgage debt will become very large, and your financial burden will become increasingly mounting.

When you have other debts that have not been paid off, there is the potential for the amount of your debt to exceed the reasonable limit or exceed 50% of total assets.

The smallest possible dp

Because it is not possible with the 0 percent scheme, the second option is to choose the smallest possible down payment method. This time the benchmark is not what percentage of the house price but rather the “down payment.”

Let’s just say, a house costs IDR 800 million but with IDR 5 million you can get the contract straight away. This is also not a wise thing to do. The reason is more or less the same as the case of buying a house without a down payment.

The principal monthly debt will increase and the amount may be beyond the reasonable limit of your total debt.

Debt for house down payment

Fresh funds from unsecured credit (KTA), credit card cash withdrawals or loans can also be used to pay the down payment on your house. The bank may approve your credit application if you have a good credit history.

However, be aware that this method can make your debt pile up even more in the future.

KPR itself is a debt, so why do we owe it in order to smooth out the long-term debt process that you will apply for later.

Applying for financing for a down payment on a house will not only put your total debt above the reasonable limit, but will also increase your future expenses.

Buying a house must be planned

A mortgage is indeed one solution to buying a house with limited money, but be aware that a mortgage will require a long-term commitment.

It is natural for anyone to measure their repayment capacity first before applying for a mortgage.

It is not wise to spend all your savings, including your emergency fund, just to pay off the down payment and first payment on your house. Remember, after the house is occupied, even minor renovations may occur due to minor errors resulting from the construction of the house.

House prices will continue to rise, just like the prices of goods and services on the market. Therefore, if you want to buy it, plan early to buy a house.

Determine when you want to own it, how much the house will cost based on annual inflation, and how you will collect the money for the down payment on the house.

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