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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The era of social media creates new trends in travel. Now, many people look for travel recommendations on social media first when planning a vacation. Various hashtags or unique hashtags are used to describe a certain impression, for example a tourist location hidden gem alias which is still rarely explored.

Posts on social media quickly make a tourist location go viral and suddenly become busy with visitors. Unfortunately, this can lead to disaster. This is because a number of tourist attractions ended up being damaged and even had to be temporarily closed.

Here are 5 tourist attractions that were damaged after going viral on social media, as quoted from CNN Indonesia.

1. Abah Jajang’s house

Photo: Abah Jajang’s house at Curug Citambur, Pasir Kuda, Cianjur, West Java. (Doc. DetikJabar/Ikbal Selamat)

Earlier this year, there was a lot of buzz on the Tik Tok platform about Mr. Jajang’s ‘paradise’ house in the Cianjur area, West Java, which has a large yard and faces directly to the Citambur waterfall and was once offered for 2.5 billion. However, Abah Jajang refused.

After going viral, this house was suddenly visited by many people. As a result, Abah Jajang’s yard was damaged. The beautiful green grass is lost due to the actions of irresponsible tourists.

2. Amaryllis Garden

The same irony must also be experienced in the beautiful flower garden tourist destination, Amaryllis Garden in Yogyakarta. In 2015, after going viral on social media, this place was invaded by tourists who wanted to take photos with the flowers there.

As a result, this flower garden was damaged due to being trampled by the invasion of tourists.

3. Al Jabbar Grand Mosque

Hutama KaryaPhoto: Al Jabbar Grand Mosque doc
Hutama Karya

The Great Mosque in Gedebage District, Bandung, West Java was just inaugurated at the end of last year. This religious tourism destination invites many visitors from various regions in West Java.

This influx of visitors also brings the problem of visitors’ rubbish being scattered around. After two months of its inauguration, the total waste collected reached 98 tons.

4. Land Above the Clouds

Land Above the Clouds is a tourist destination located in Serang, Banten. This place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the expanse of clouds from the highlands.

After going viral in 2019, this destination was flooded with visitors, creating a crowded atmosphere. Apart from that, the influx of visitors also results in traffic jams.

5. Ranu Manduro

Ranu Manduro.  (Doc. Detikcom/Enggran Eko Budianto)Photo: Ranu Manduro. (Doc. Detikcom/Enggran Eko Budianto)

Ranu Manduro is located in Mojokerja Regency, East Java. This destination is a large stretch of land in the former lookout area. From the tourist photos circulating, Ranu Manduro is similar to a tourist location in New Zealand.

After going viral in 2020, the beauty of this place invited many tourists to come in abundance. This caused Ranu Manduro to be damaged and was closed.

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