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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Japan has an artificial sun as an energy source in the future. The location is in a hangar located north of Tokyo.

The JT-60SA is a six-story tall machine. The machine consists of a donut-shaped container called a tokamak, and inside it is plasma heated to a temperature of up to 200 million degrees Celsius.

However, the newly inaugurated nuclear fusion reactor is reportedly different from the fission nuclear power plant (PLTN) that existed previously.

The JT-60SA reactor uses a fusion reaction, a technique for generating electricity by combining two nuclear nuclei. Meanwhile, fission produces electricity through the breakdown of nuclear nuclei.

The new reactor was operated as a way to prove that fusion reaction generation was safe. The capacity can even be increased to be carbon free.

The most important goal is to ensure that fusion reactions produce more energy than is used in energy generation.

Not only that, Japan is also preparing another reactor that is larger than JT60SA. Currently, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is being built in France.

Both are the result of Japan’s collaboration with the European Union. The project is part of an effort to fuse hydrogen nuclear nuclei in a container into helium, a heavier element.

This process will release energy in the form of light and heat. Just like what happens inside the Sun.

“Bringing us closer to fusion energy…This is the result of a collaboration of more than 500 researchers and engineers, coming from more than 70 companies in Europe and Japan,” said JT-60SA project leader Sam Davis.

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