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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Time basically cannot be repeated. Therefore, so that we have memories, we immortalize them through photos so we can appreciate every moment we miss. However, what happens if the photo turns out to be bad? Of course annoyed.

At least that’s what Kevin Systrom felt while on holiday with his girlfriend, Nicole Schuetz, on the coast of Mexico around 2010.

At that time, he was relaxing on the beach and wanted to capture a moment alone with his girlfriend. However, Nicole rejected this wish on the grounds that the iPhone 4 camera she had was of poor quality.

“Even though it’s a new cellphone, if the photos are bad! It’s better not to take photos,” said Nicole.

Systrom was aware of that, but couldn’t do anything about it. Replacing the iPhone camera is impossible. He immediately looked for another way so that his girlfriend wouldn’t keep sulking.

Until finally after returning to the United States an interesting idea emerged: making an editing filter that could cover up bad iPhone shots. For Systrom, this is the best step and not too difficult. Because, he can apply the editing results to the photo sharing application he created, namely Burnb.

Long story short, the X-Pro II filter was born in Burnb which seeks to increase contrast, color warmth and give a sketch effect to the image. The filter was then tested on an iPhone 4 camera and uploaded in July 2010 on Burnb.

Photo: First Instagram post from Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram. (Instagram @kevin)
The first Instagram post from Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram. (Instagram @kevin)

Unexpectedly, the filter was successful in covering up the bad results of the iPhone 4 camera. The enthusiasm of Burnb users immediately increased and Systrom’s girlfriend was no longer sulking. Even so, not long after the launch of the X-Pro II, many users complained.

Apparently, after synchronizing with the filter, Burnb was slow and difficult to access. Applications that were complicated from the start have become even more complicated. From here, Systrom collaborated with Mike Krieger, a programmer who graduated from Stanford University.

Long story short, the two of them are trying to establish an instant digital photo sharing application. Systrom and Krieger think the application will be used by many people. The reason is, at that time there was not a single similar application. Facebook, Twitter and Flicker cannot upload photos yet.

On this basis, the two of them officially changed Burnb and launched an instant digital photo sharing application called Instagram on October 6 2010, exactly 13 years ago today.

According to Sarah Frier in No Filters: The Inside Story of Instagram (2020), since it was first launched, public enthusiasm has been very high. Immediately there were 25 thousand people who downloaded and used Instagram to share photos. And immediately skyrocketed in the following months.

“Instagram only took a year to reach 10 million users,” wrote Sarah.

From here, many people predict that Instagram will beat the dominance of Facebook and Twitter. This application will become number one in the universe and create competition in the world startups getting hotter.

When predictions like this emerged, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became one of the people who realized Instagram’s great potential in the future. On this basis, according to Kevin Systrom’s testimony in The Guardian, Since the beginning of 2012, Zuckerberg has always wanted to meet him. In fact, he repeatedly chased Systrom just to talk about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.

The bosses of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram often chat behind the scenes.  What do they behave like?Photo: Special/Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Kevin Systrom (founder of Instagram)

Regarding this, Systrom did not refuse and was angry. He was actually happy with the wishes of the Facebook founder. Because he also has difficulty managing Instagram operations. In short, he is good at making applications, but can’t handle management.

Compared to later Instagram chaos, Systrom finally released ownership of Instagram to Zuckerberg for US$ 1 billion in April 2012. Since then, there have been major changes within Instagram.

Over time, Instagram has grown very rapidly. Not only is it a photo sharing application, but it can also upload videos, sell, and so on. Now, there are 1.3 billion Instagram users worldwide.

Thanks to the success of building Instagram and then making a profit from sales, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger became instant billionaires. Refers to calculations Forbes (2023), Kevin Systrom is recorded as having assets of US$ 2 billion or Rp. 31 trillion. Meanwhile, Mike Krieger has assets of US$ 350 million or Rp. 5 trillion.

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