7 Unique Habits of Genius People with High IQ Lifestyle – 58 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Intelligence comes in many forms. Just look at Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, and Marie Curie. Each has a different life story and makes a unique contribution to the world. But there are certain qualities that almost all super smart people in the world have.

Here are 7 unique habits that many genius people with high IQs do:

1. Enjoys being alone

According to a 2016 study published in PubMed Centralpeople with higher intelligence felt less satisfied with life when they spent more time socializing with friends.

Some people might think that intelligent people don’t like other people or have few friends, but there is another opinion: intelligent people like to spend time in their own heads contemplating problems and finding new ideas.

2. Tends to be messy

According to research from the University of Minnesota, those in messy environments generate more creative ideas than those in neat spaces.

Meanwhile, Cornell professor Robert J. Stenberg said intelligence is the ability to learn from experience. Apart from that, they also understand and handle abstract concepts, and use their knowledge in order to understand one’s environment.

3. Enjoy Finding Out

Curiosity seems to be closely related to intelligence. In a 2016 study, researchers found that children who had higher IQ scores at age 11 tended to show greater openness to experience at age 50.

Instead of accepting “That’s just the way it is” as an answer, intelligent people try to find out why.

4. Often stay up late

Those with high IQ also don’t get many hours of sleep. These people will spend their time with productive things.

People who fall into this group like the atmosphere of the night. Because at that time it tends to be quiet to think and plan something.

5. Likes to talk to himself

Another unique habit is that they like to talk to themselves. This happens both in the heart and in written form.

This habit apparently improves memory and strengthens the sharpness of thinking patterns. So that doesn’t mean you’re insane, but geniuses can talk to themselves.

6. Often criticize yourself

According to a 1999 study from Cornell University, incompetent people do not recognize their own incompetence. This increases their self-esteem.

This fact is different from the thoughts of many people who say that intelligent people have high self-confidence. However, it turns out that the study states that competent people tend to doubt their abilities and therefore often criticize themselves.

7. Often feel worried

Research in 2015 entitled ‘Intelligence and emotional disorders: Is the worrying and ruminating mind a more intelligent mind?‘ find the relationship between verbal intelligence and the tendency to worry or ruminate.

A small 2011 study also linked anxiety to intelligence. The study authors explain that people with high IQs may have many worries. These findings may seem somewhat contradictory, but highly intelligent people may spend more time worrying because they have extensive knowledge of potential threats and want to be prepared for every possibility. This concern may involve brainstorm a plan to handle a situation or think of a way to avoid a problem.

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