Ancient Russian raptors migrate to Karawang, what are the signs? Lifestyle – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A unique natural phenomenon is occurring in Indonesia, specifically on the island of Java. Thousands of raptors from Siberia, Russia have reportedly migrated to Indonesia.

This flock of birds of prey has been seen in the forest area of ​​the Sanggabuana Mountains, Tegalwaru District, Karawang Regency since the end of October 2023.

Communication Partnership Adviser for Indonesian Birds, Ria Saryanthi, said that thousands of raptors migrate through the eastern mainland corridor, flying through China, the Malay Peninsula, and ending on the islands of Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

Thousands of birds flying in the Tegalwaru sky have been monitored since 07.00 WIB. His party used binocular and monocular equipment to make observations regarding the raptor migration event.

Photo: The eagles flew away from mainland Siberia and are now in West Java. (Doc: Special/SCF)
The eagles flew away from mainland Siberia and are now in West Java. (Doc: Special/SCF)

Ria explained that Siberian raptors have a habit of migrating to tropical regions during the winter. They are able to fly across continents in search of warmer places.

“This valuable natural phenomenon occurs regularly where these birds fly from location and breed during the winter to a warm location to spend their time waiting for the winter to end,” he said, as quoted by detikJabar.

In observations carried out over four days from Sunday 29 October to Wednesday 1 November, four types of migratory birds were recorded in the Sanggabuana Mountains area.

“We managed to observe Pernis ptilorhynchus, Accipiter gularis, Accipiter soloensis, and Merops philippinus, which migrated from Siberia and stopped to breed in the Sanggabuana Mountains,” he said.

Raptors themselves are carnivores or meat eaters that have three main characteristics: sharp eyesight, eight sharp claws, and a hooked beak.

These birds of prey have existed in various forms for 50 to 75 million years. There are around 482 raptor species throughout the world, 304 diurnal species (active during the day) and 178 nocturnal species (active at night).

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