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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The first debate between the 2024 presidential and vice presidential candidates on Tuesday (12/12) evening was heated. The candidate pairs competed with each other on the topics of law, human rights, government, eradicating corruption and strengthening democracy.

There are several topics that are widely discussed by Indonesian netizens on social media. Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, Wednesday (13/12/2023), the topics ‘opposition’, ‘Ordal’ and ‘MKMK’ were trending on X (formerly Twitter).

These three topics became a heated debate between presidential candidate number 1 Anies Baswedan and presidential candidate number 2 Prabowo Subianto.

Anies said Prabowo could not stand being in opposition. In fact, according to him, the role of the opposition is important in a government to maintain democracy.

Prabowo then responded to Anies’ claim about declining democracy. According to him, if there was no democracy, it would not be possible for Anies to become governor.

In the midst of this, Ganjar then said that he felt uncomfortable because his two friends opened up about their past stories to each other.

Regarding the topic of ordal, Anies again launched an ‘attack’ by saying that Prabowo benefited from the MKMK’s decision regarding the age limit for presidential and vice-presidential candidates some time ago.

Prabowo looked enthusiastic, saying that the public would decide whether they wanted to elect him with Gibran or not.

Netizens are busy discussing Ganjar’s calmness amidst the heated debate between Anies and Prabowo. According to Drone Emprit’s analysis, Ganjar received 64% positive sentiment throughout the debate.

This percentage is the same as that achieved by Anies. Meanwhile, Prabowo received positive sentiment from chats on social media of 48%.

Ganjar also received the least negative sentiment, namely 23%. Prabowo got 41% negative sentiment and Anies 27%.

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, netizens are busy sharing various memes related to the fierceness of Anies-Prabowo and Ganjar’s calmness.

One of them is a video of comedian Sule talking in front of the camera and in the background there are two people fighting.

There is also a meme showing a picture of Anies cooking on the stove and Ganjar sitting relaxed while eating.

Another meme shows a photo of a Hollywood actor. The situation is considered similar.

There were also those who gave testimonials about the performance of Anies, Prabowo and Ganjar.

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