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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Presidential candidate number 1 Anies Baswedan closed his first debate session with the final statement ‘Wakanda no more, Indonesia forever’. He conveyed this when promising his commitment to maintaining freedom of expression for all Indonesian people.

“For young people, we are all aware that this is the election of the future. You own the future. I am sure you will choose someone who is serious to be president, not someone who is playing around to be president,” said Anies.

“When talking about the future, I say that freedom of opinion is guaranteed, we don’t allow people to be afraid. That’s why I say, Wakanda no more, Indonesia forever (No more Wakanda. Indonesia forever),” he concluded.

This expression then became increasingly viral and was discussed by netizens on social media. Moreover, through his personal X account, Anies again posted a video clip with the caption “Wakanda no More, Indonesia forever”.

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, netizens responded to this post a lot. Until this news was released, the post had been viewed more than 3.6 million times, collecting 741 comments, 5k RTs and 17k likes.

So, in this context, what does “Wakanda no More, Indonesia forever” mean?

For your information, the Wakanda reference is taken from the popular Disney Marvel film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

In the fictional Marvel Universe, Wakanda is a country that was previously hidden from knowledge of the outside world. The country is very prosperous because it adheres to its original culture without being influenced by outside culture.

Apart from that, Wakanda has abundant resources to improve the welfare of its people. They also stock important components for the creation of the most advanced weapons.

However, the term ‘Wakanda country’ is then widely used by Indonesian netizens to refer to conditions that are not ideal or oddities that occur in this country.

For example “Smart people in Wakanda are made to feel uncomfortable with the state bureaucracy so they can still be “controlled”,” said a netizen, referring to another issue unrelated to the 2024 presidential-vice presidential debate.

“Only in the country of Wakanda, many AEFI victims are not recorded,” said another netizen quoted from chat on social media.

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