Assisted by AI, Israel’s Weapon of Mass Murder Ravages Gaza Tech – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Israeli attack was apparently assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology known as a mass murder factory is used by Israeli soldiers to select targets in the Gaza strip.

The use of AI is part of an operation known as a ‘target factory’. This operation has been launched since 2019.

The attack was claimed to be effective, even increasing Israel’s attack targets. Reportedly, attacks on Israeli military targets increased by 70 thousand% using AI.

The number of targets that can be determined has also doubled. From only 50 targets a year to 100 targets in one day during Operation Guardian of the Walls 2021.

The AI ​​system is able to determine targets quickly. The technology is claimed to be better at determining targets compared to human suggestions.

Israeli army or IDF officials emphasized using high standards when determining targets. That way it will cause damage to the enemy.

“We do not compromise on the quality of intelligence and produce precise targeted attacks on Hamas-linked infrastructure, thereby causing major damage to the enemy and minimal losses to those not involved,” he explained.

AI will recommend locations where Hamas is suspected to reside. After that, an air attack will be carried out on the target location.

However, this also does not make Israel focus only on Hamas. Because Israel also continues to kill many civilians in Palestine.

This was also confirmed by a former Israeli intelligence officer. He said attacks emphasized quantity, not quality.

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