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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – BMKG said a number of regions in Indonesia have the potential to experience increased rainfall next week.

BMKG climatological analysis as of Dasarian II November 2023 shows that as much as 20% of Indonesia’s territory is entering the rainy season.

Some areas currently experiencing the rainy season are Aceh, North Sumatra, most of Riau, most of West Sumatra, a small part of Bengkulu, a small part of Jambi, a large part of South Sumatra, a large part of Bangka Belitung, a small part of Lampung, a small part of Banten, a small part of Java. West, central Central Java, parts of West Kalimantan, parts of Central Kalimantan, a small part of North Kalimantan, northern parts of South Kalimantan, parts of central Central Sulawesi, parts of West Papua and parts of central Papua.

The significant increase in rainfall in several regions of the Republic of Indonesia is caused by several atmospheric phenomena, as follows:

1. The Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) phenomenon, which is currently starting to enter the western part of Indonesia and is predicted to continue to be active around the Indonesian territory until the First Period of December 2023, can contribute to an increase in the growth of rain clouds in the Indonesian region.

2. Another regional scale phenomenon is the Equatorial Rossby (ER) wave which has been observed to be active in parts of Indonesia, especially in the central and eastern parts until the end of the III period in November 2023.

3. Strengthening of the Asian monsoon, as can be seen from indications of strengthening upper layer winds from the South China Sea region to more than 25 knots (47 km/hour).

4. The emergence of Tropical Cyclone Seed 99W in the North Natuna Sea and Cyclonic Circulation in western Sumatra and the Karimata Strait which triggered the formation of confluence areas and slowing winds. The 99W Tropical Cyclone Seed has a maximum wind speed of up to 20 knots (37 km/hour) and air pressure at its center reaches 1006 hPa with the system moving towards the West.

5. Positive sea surface temperature anomalies in the South China Sea, Karimata Strait, Java Sea, Makassar Strait and Sulawesi Sea areas of up to 3 ᵒC are a source of water vapor in the formation of rain clouds.

Based on these conditions, some areas that need to be watched for the potential for moderate-heavy rain are as follows:

Rain Prediction Next Week

Period 25-27 November 2023

1. Aceh

2. North Sumatra

3. West Sumatra

4. Riau

5. Kep. Riau

6. Jambi

7. Bengkulu

8. South Sumatra

9. Kep. Bangka Belitung

10. Lampung

11. Banten

12. DKI Jakarta

13. West Java

14. Central Java

15. East Java

16. Bali

17. West Nusa Tenggara

18. East Nusa Tenggara

19. West Kalimantan

20. Central Kalimantan

21. East Kalimantan

22. North Kalimantan

23. South Kalimantan

24. North Sulawesi

25. Gorontalo

26. Central Sulawesi

27. West Sulawesi

28. South Sulawesi

29. Southeast Sulawesi

30. North Maluku

31. Maluku

32. West Papua

33. Papua

Period 28 November – 1 December 2023

1. Aceh

2. North Sumatra

3. West Sumatra

4. Kep. Riau

5. Jambi

6. South Sumatra

7. Central Java

8. East Java

9. West Nusa Tenggara

10. West Kalimantan

11. Central Kalimantan

12. North Kalimantan

13. Central Sulawesi

14. South Sulawesi

15. West Papua

16. Papua

In Jabodetabek, the potential for moderate to heavy rain in some areas will occur in the period 25 November to 1 December 2023.

Areas with Potential for Coastal Flooding (ROB)

The phenomenon of the lunar phase of Perigee (closest distance to Earth) has the potential to increase the maximum sea tide height. Based on water level data monitoring and tidal predictions, coastal flooding (rob) has the potential to occur in several coastal areas in Indonesia, including:

1. North Sumatra Coast (Pesisir Kec. Medan Belawan, Medan Marelan, Medan Labuhan) on 23 November – 01 December 2023

2. Bandar Lampung Coast on 27 November – 01 December 2023

3. West and south coasts of Banten on 26 – 30 November 2023

4. North coast of Jakarta on 26 November – 02 December 2023

5. Central Java Coast (Semarang City, Demak Regency, Pekalongan Regency, Brebes Regency, Tegal City, Tegal Regency, Pemalang Regency) on November 19-23.

6. Maluku Coast (Ambon Bay, Saumlaki, Kai Islands, Dobo Islands, eastern Seram Regency) on 25 – 30 November 2023.

BMKG recommendation

Relevant parties are expected to make preparations including:

1. Ensure infrastructure capacity and water resource management systems are ready to anticipate increased rainfall.

2. Organize the environment by not throwing rubbish carelessly and not cutting slopes or uncontrolled felling of trees and carrying out a more massive reforestation program.

3. Prune fragile tree branches and twigs and strengthen stands/poles, as well as billboards/billboards so that they do not collapse in strong winds.

4. Intensify socialization, education and literacy more massively to increase understanding and awareness of the Regional Government, community and related parties in preventing/reducing the risk of hydrometeorological disasters (floods, landslides, flash floods, strong winds, tornadoes and high waves).

5. Further intensify coordination, synergy and communication between related parties for hydrometrological disaster preparedness.

6. Continue to monitor weather development information and extreme weather early warnings from BMKG, in more detail and detail for each sub-district throughout Indonesia, through:

a). BMKG website, for weather forecasts up to sub-district level;

b). Social media account @infobmkg;

c). iOS and Android application “BMKG Info”;

d). Call center 196 BMKG;

e). or you can directly contact the nearest BMKG office.

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