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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) concert which was held in Ancol, North Jakarta last night, Friday (10/11), was stopped.

Ravel Entertainment as the promoter of the BMTH concert provided an explanation regarding the band who stopped in the middle of the event during the concert. Ravel said this on stage, while apologizing to the audience.

“I apologize, it’s okay if you want to curse me, it’s okay if you want to throw me at this show, I’ve tried to convince the band,” said Ravel, quoted from Detikcom, Saturday (11/11/2023).

“The problem is that we want to try our best, but tonight I apologize profusely and deeply that we cannot continue,” he continued.

Before it was discontinued, BMTH had performed 11 songs. But at around 22.16, the promoter came up to the stage and told the audience to take a break.

“Guys, let’s take a short break, let BMTH and you rest first, we’ll finish everything later,” said the promoter on stage.

But after waiting 30 minutes, the concert did not continue. Ravel’s representatives finally came to the stage and apologized. In their narrative, they explained that there was a problem on the stage used by Bring Me The Horizon.

“We had problems on stage, so we have to stop the show tonight,” said Ravel.

It is not yet known what will happen to the second day of the BMTH concert which was supposed to be held today, Saturday (11/11/2023). Detikcom has tried to ask the promoter for further explanation but has not received a response.

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