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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– The end of the year momentum is often filled with various series of celebrations and excitement. SOne of the most awaited things is the spread of excitement and offers that are ready to accompany people’s shopping activities.

This phenomenon is notnew thing. HThis also makes the year-end period one of the periods where people’s interest in online shopping increases significantly.

When talking about the excitement of the year-end shopping festival, of course the 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign cannot be missed. The iconic campaign presented by Shopee is also a sign of the increasing age of this orange e-commerce platform.

Having completed 8 years of operation and accompanying users to meet their needs, the 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign series which is still running until December 12 2023 presents a series of special promos such as Rp. 0 Free Shipping Party, Promo Festival and 12M End of Year Bonus.

The high level of public enthusiasm for shopping in the year-end period not only brings happiness to consumers, but is also anticipated by business actors, both brands and MSMEs. All business actors prepare various product choices that are tailored to end-of-year trends and needs and provide the best promotions.

Seeing this, Shopee has prepared a series of promotions and fun in online shopping. Throughout the 12.12 campaign, users can enjoy promos and find various choices of favorite products through the Shopee Video feature with the excitement of #RacunShopee Discounts.

Shopee users can shop via Shopee Video and enjoy 40% Cashback every day.

Here’s how to shop via Shopee Video and get maximum profits

Open the Shopee Application, then go to Shopee Video

Scroll and watch the video, find the item you want to buy

Open the orange basket and check your voucher

Use the voucher and checkout the items you want to buy

Enjoy 40% special cashback

Sultan Andara also looks excited to welcome the latest 40% Cashback promo on Shopee Video. So para fanssNot to be left behind, Raffi Ahmad shared this information on his personal social media account via a video that said ‘BUY ON SHOPEE VIDEO 40% CASHBACK EVERY DAY’.

Quoting Raffi Ahmad’s words from a video upload on the Instagram account @raffinagita1717 on November 26, “Reading this, Mama Gigi’s world was immediately stunned, shocked, shocked, shaken WUADAAWW,”. QIt turns out it’s not just Raffi, Nagita Slavina is also ready to enjoy this extraordinary promo.

The enthusiasm of Shopee users and AHHA fans can also be seen in the comments column of Atta Halilintar’s post asking for a treat on Shopee Video by the father of 2 girls.

Photo: doc Capture posts and comments on Raffi Ahmad’s Instagram
EcommercePhoto: doc Capture posts and comments on Raffi Ahmad’s Instagram

As a feature that accommodates the needs of all users, both sellers and buyers, various programs and initiativesrun by Shopee. Sone of which is the Shopee Video competition Which presented in every campaign.

It can be seen from the large number of users who participate in creating short video content with interesting hashtags through Shopee Video such as #DiskonRacunShopee, enthusiasm for this feature continues to receive a positive response.

Through the hashtag #DiskonRacunShopee, Shopee sellers create short video content that shows in-depth and interesting product reviews. Even from this Shopee Video content, users can directly access and buy products via the orange basket at the bottom left and enjoy various existing promos, including 40% cashback every day.

Not only that, this feature is also often a strategy widely used by business actors to increase the attractiveness of their products to consumers. At the beginning of this year, there was a recorded more than 8-fold increase in transactions made via Shopee Video, since its launch.

Like inYou know, visual content offers various advantagesthat is increasing the product’s appeal and making its qualities and advantages easier to understand.

People’s online shopping behavior continues to develop. Through Shopee Video, business actors can present various creative content such as reviewing their products so that they are clearer and easier for potential buyers to understand, haul content to mix & match which can provide ideas for using various product options.

This freedom of creative space ultimately becomes a new opportunity that can be utilized to increase buying and selling potential.

To further complement the excitement and excitement that closes the series of end-of-year shopping festivals, Shopee has prepared a special 12-round special GEBYAR PROMO at Shopee, ShopeePay, SPayLater, Seabank & Shopee Food, namely Shopping Promo up to 1.2 million, QRIS Shopee Pay & SPayLater Promo , Open an Account & Save and get 120 RB Seabank, ShopeeFood Menu starting from 12 RB, and various other interesting bank promos.

Not only that, specials throughout campaign 12.12 this time, users can enjoy the offers Shopee Live Cheap Discounts twice a day, namely at 12.00 and 20.00 WIB.

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