Check 15 Advanced Business Ideas from Pertamina Tech Startup Competition Finalists – 16 hours ago

Badung, CNBC Indonesia – PT Pertamina (Persero) successfully held Pertamina Muda Seed & Scale or Pertamuda, a business idea competition program aimed at students from state and private universities throughout Indonesia.

The competition program held in Bali is open to business ideas in various sectors that implement the economic, social and environmental pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On Wednesday (29/11/2023), 15 Pertamuda student participants successfully entered the final pitch session. This is a session for selected participants to once again explain their business idea projects before moving on to selecting the three participants with the best ideas.

Manager of New Ventures Incubation & PMO Pertamina, Farid Febrian, as well as one of the judges during the final pitch, said that there were many surprising things from the participants during the final session.

“I was surprised, especially many startup participants who took the energy theme, where this theme is not simple for seed and scale,” said Farid at Patra Hotels & Resorts, Bali, Wednesday.

“A lot of what was presented earlier was innovative in form, some were even pre-commercial and I think that’s a good start,” he added.

According to Farid, participants in the final pitch had many and varied ideas that could later receive investment, or even be commercialized themselves. He also said that their idea could also be the first step for partnerships with many institutions.

“That’s also what we at New Ventures Pertamina are looking for, how can startups that, in our mind, are high intensive, high capital, be accelerated using existing methods or startups, including those at Pertamuda,” he explained.

15 Pertamuda startups 2023

The following 15 participants made the final pitch in the 2023 Pertamuda program:

10 Early Stage Startups Participants

1. Aither (Ten November Institute of Technology)

Muhammad Azkha Asyarif (founder) and Sima Syariy Salsabila (co-founder)

2. Arta Grow Persada (Brawijaya University)

Claudya Ariesa Memories (founder) and Ridho Ramadhan Arta Hariyono (co-founder)

3. El Laucky (Bandung Institute of Technology)

Muhammad Fadil Huseiny (founder) and Daffa Keitaro Putra (co-founder)

4. Iotanic (Eleven March University)

Mahdaviqia Dharmawan (founder) and Rizky Joanditya Nur Iman (co-founder)

5. Mengasihi (Bandung Institute of Technology)

Zakaria Khori Hermawan (founder) and Adi Mahendra Wibowo (co-founder)

6. Our.tb (University of Riau)

Puteri Naura Jingga (founder) and Lidya Rika Saputri (co-founder)

7. Sea-Bening (Petra Christian University)

Damario Amory CL (founder) and Euro Hokiarto Tanjung (co-founder)

8. Sipinter/Sapta (Akamigas Energy and Mineral Polytechnic – Blora)

Prince Rafli Pasha (founder) and Faiz Nurullah (co-founder)

9. SmartPath (UPN Veteran Yogyakarta)

Bramantyo Adiyatma (founder) and Astriana Nurul Sabilla (co-founder)

10. Water Coin (Gadjah Mada University)

Laa Roybafyh (founder)

5 Energy Founder Participants

1. Gelatah (Airlangga University)

Abdul Rohman (founder) and Vita Amalia Hidayati (co-founder)

2. HySACs (Ten November Institute of Technology)

Audrey Salsza Maret Roberte (founder) and Valerie Anargya Gayatri (co-founder)

3. NaturITS (Ten November Institute of Technology)

Nurul Bunga Kurnia (founder) and Tasya Faradilla Muara Zahra (co-founder)

4. Panzo (Ten November Institute of Technology)

Vanessa Olivia Hariko (founder) and Yohanes Maruli Arga Septianus (co-founder)

5. Winergy (Bandung Institute of Technology)

Agustinus Yudhistira WS (founder)

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