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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the digital information era, data is considered more valuable than gold or is referred to as “new gold is data”.

For that, deep achieving data sovereignty, integration is an important part of improving national development. The government continues to echo this, one of which is through Presidential Regulation no. 39 of 2019 concerning One Indonesian Data (SDI).

The government’s data governance policy is aimed at creating data that is of high quality, has equal standards, and is easily accessible together to support an effective policy-making process. This regulation is also considered to be able to strengthen Indonesia’s data sovereignty in building national digital transformation.

The Ministry of Communication and Information is the leading institution in the National Digital Transformation agenda. One of the efforts is to build a National Data Center (PDN).

The PDN development is in line with the Ministry of Communication and Information’s Strategic Plan until 2024, namely accelerating the provision of information technology infrastructure in Indonesia, digital transformation, and improving the quality of public communications management. PDN is vital infrastructure in implementing data integration. Indonesia has 2,700 data centers spread across 630 ministries/institutions and regional governments.

National Digital Transformation is a strategic solution to turn Indonesia into a country with strong economic fundamentals and global competitiveness. Moreover, the level of internet penetration and internet users in Indonesia continues to increase every year.

According to data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), the number of internet users has reached 215.6 million in the 2022-2023 period, an increase of 2.67% compared to the previous period.

The One Data Indonesia program itself was released by the government at the end of 2022. The construction of this portal is in line with President Joko Widodo’s direction, who often promotes bureaucratic reform to make it faster, more efficient and effective.

This SDI program is very important because it can strengthen data governance between agencies, ministries, institutions and local governments by having one access to integrated data. Apart from integration, SDI will make data interoperability from each agency better.

To reveal more about data sovereignty, the Ministry of Communication and Information together with CNBC Indonesia presented a talk show by theme SPBE Integration Pillars of Indonesia’s Digital Transformation. This event will be broadcast in the Tech A Look on Location segment on Profit CNBC Indonesia, on Monday 18 December 2023.

Together with the host CNBC Indonesia, two expert speakers namely the Head of the National Data Center Team of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Agung Basuki and the CEO of Inixindo Jogja, Andi Yuniantoro will discuss a number of topics on the importance of building data sovereignty through the One Data Indonesia program, the implementation of One Data Indonesia in improving the efficiency and quality of public policies and services, and the importance of data sovereignty for a country like Indonesia and its influence in public policy making and governance.

Don’t miss the Tech A Look on Location segment on Profit CNBC Indonesia which will be broadcast live on CNBC Indonesia TV.

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