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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Information about blocking iPhones in China has surfaced again. In fact, the scope is wider than before.

A Reuters report reveals that more and more government agencies and government-backed companies in China are banning their employees from using iPhones in the work environment.

Not only iPhones, foreign-made devices are also restricted, according to sources in Bloomberg.

Several months ago, the issue of blocking iPhones in China caused a stir ahead of the release of the iPhone 15 series. However, at that time Xi Jinping’s government denied these accusations.

However, the Chinese government alleges that the iPhone has many security issues and could endanger its users. After the issue had subsided, it has now emerged again thanks to confessions from several inside sources.

For more than the last decade, China has been trying to get rid of its dependence on foreign technology. Several banks affiliated with the government were asked to switch to using local software.

Apart from that, companies in China were also ordered to promote local chip manufacturers, rather than continuing to depend on chips from the US, quoted by Reuters, Sunday (17/12/2023).

A Bloomberg report stated that several government agencies in eight provinces in China were instructed to start using local brands to support work needs.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation.

Last December, government agencies in small cities such as Zhejiang, Shandong, Liaoning and Hebei, which are home to iPhone factories, gave verbal orders to stop the use of Apple technology.

Previously, in September, Reuters reported that at least three ministries in China asked their staff not to use iPhones.

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