China Still Stubborn, Joe Biden Angers at Chip Tech Giant – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Nvidia is reportedly making special chips that China can buy. Hearing this, the Joe Biden government went berserk.

The United States (US) released rules to limit chip exports to China. Nvidia saw a gap to continue selling it, namely by redesigning its product.

“So I’m telling you, if you redesign the chip around a certain cutline to make it possible [China] develop AI, I will control it tomorrow,” said US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, quoted from PC MagTuesday (5/12/2023).

He admitted that he was not surprised that Nvidia was still trying to sell its most advanced chips to China. He even said that there were many chip company bosses who were annoyed with the policies he made.

Because the technology giant’s business has been disrupted by the actions taken by the government. Chip companies lost their income with the export ban policy.

But Raimondo defended herself for what she did to protect national security. It tries to balance business needs with national security goals.

In fact, he did not hesitate to equate the behavior of exporting the most advanced AI chips with selling domestically made weapons to China. This makes the trade department try to control exports and close existing loopholes.

“Protecting national security is more important than short-term revenue,” he said.

Nvidia said the company was trying to balance the interests mentioned by Raimondo. This includes ensuring that you follow the guidelines set by the local government.

“We are working closely with the US government and following clear government guidelines, working to offer data center solutions to consumers around the world,” explained an Nvidia spokesperson.

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