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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last weekend, the technology world was shocked by the dismissal of Sam Altman from his position as CEO of OpenAI. The board of directors has opened its voice regarding the dismissal of the founder of the company behind ChatGPT’s success.

Not only Altman, his co-founder Greg Brockman was also removed from his board seat, just minutes after Altman was fired last Friday (17/11).

Altman was accused of being dishonest in his communications with the board. This step made them lose trust in him, quoted from BBCMonday (20/11/2023).

It is not yet clear what is meant by the statement by OpenAI’s board of directors. The council also did not explain further about what was considered dishonest in Altman’s statement.

BBC noting that it appeared Altman had or had not told the board of directors something. In the end, this was discovered by the board of directors and resulted in his dismissal.

The downfall of the number one person in a company is usually caused by an unhealthy work culture. However, the BBC said this did not happen at OpenAI, in fact the company’s value was still quite high last October, namely US$80 billion.

BBC also touched on problems with AI technology which is very popular. Several days ago, Altman revealed that ChatGPT was struggling to meet soaring demand. Including temporarily stopping registration on the service.

Meanwhile, since AI became a hot topic due to the presence of ChatGPT, people’s opinions have been divided into whether they support it or not. Altman himself has repeatedly spoken about the risks and benefits posed by AI.

For example, he once said that AI is a tool and not a creature. Altman also said that the risk of the technology becoming uncontrollable.

After Altman was abruptly fired last week, there were efforts to bring him back to OpenAI. This was done by investors and pressure from Altman loyalist employees.

In fact, hundreds of employees threatened to resign en masse if the board of directors did not return Altman to the company.

However, after Altman discussed it with the board of directors last Sunday (19/11), the result was the same. The board of directors stood by the decision to remove Altman.

The company initially appointed OpenAI CTO Mira Murati as interim CEO. However, within a day, the position was transferred to Twitch’s co-founder who had left his executive position last year, Emmet Shear.

Microsoft, which holds a 49% stake in OpenAI, said it supports the board of directors’ decision. CEO Satya Nadella then announced that Altman and Brockman were joining Microsoft to head the division that develops advanced AI technology.

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