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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tuesday, March 25 1975, King of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was scheduled to welcome a delegation from Kuwait at the King’s Palace, Riyadh. There was nothing different from the diplomatic activities that day.

As usual, the king will welcome guests, shake hands and invite discussion. Then, when finished, the king will escort the delegation to the palace grounds. However, on this special day for Kuwaiti-Saudi relations, a tragedy occurred that changed the course of Saudi Arabia’s history.

Exactly at 10.32 local time when King Faisal greeted the Kuwaiti delegation, the sound of a gun shot appeared in the room. Everyone panicked and was shocked when they found out that the contents of the gun had hit King Faisal’s head.

Blood flowed from his head. The King collapsed and was immediately carried to the hospital by bodyguards.

Meanwhile, the other guards were busy beating up the shooter, who turned out to be King Faisal’s own nephew, Faisal bin Musaid. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the hospital, King Faisal’s life could not be saved.

He was buried several days later.

Mysterious Conspiracy

The murder and death of the number one person in Saudi Arabia clearly makes anyone shocked. Practically everyone is highlighting the figure of Faisal bin Musaid.

Based on archives The New York Times (31 March 1975), when Faisal bin Musaid was first detained, he was declared insane by the government. However, after a week, the government corrected this statement and said that Faisal bin Musaid did not have mental or mental disorders.

The government also said that Faisal bin Musaid had a bad track record in the past, which gave rise to his intention to kill his uncle. In the past, Faisal bin Musaid was quite a naughty young man.

As explained King Faisal: Personality, Faith and Times (2016), Faisal bin Musaid, who once lived in the United States (US), was recorded as having been involved in illegal drug trafficking, actively using narcotics and alcohol, and often getting into fights.

Even so, Faisal bin Musaid was quite lucky. The reason is, every time we have to deal with the police because of their attitude, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always puts up a front.

This fact then raises the question of why Faisal bin Musaid was willing to kill the brother who had been defending him?

Unfortunately, the reasons for Faisal bin Musaid’s actions are still unclear. Some say he killed because of revenge and because he was annoyed that King Faisal had not defended him when he was in trouble, the other side said this murder was a matter of fighting for the throne.

Regarding Israel and the US?

In addition, in the newspaper’s investigation DailyNews It was also mentioned that King Faisal’s death was caused by a US conspiracy, especially the CIA intelligence agency. At that time, King Faisal had feelings towards Israel and the United States as a result of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

He and the oil-exporting Arab countries implemented an oil embargo against Israel and its supporting Western countries. The goal is for Palestine to become independent and for Israel to stop its attacks.

As a result of oil shipments being stopped, the US and Western countries were completely paralyzed. Cars cannot be used due to lack of oil. Industry cannot operate.

All this went on for months after the war. The US and its allies are clearly confused.

Further, it refers to exposure Rachel Bronson in Thicker Than Oil: America’s Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia (2006), this condition made King Faisal a target for assassination.

However, the theory that the CIA’s involvement is merely a conspiracy is difficult to prove. The government also said that there was no conspiracy in King Faisal’s death, although the motive for revenge by Faisal bin Musaid is difficult for common sense to understand.

In the end, Faisal bin Musaid’s life ended at the hands of the executioner on June 8 1975. He was beheaded in front of thousands of Saudi people who were angry because their leader was killed.

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