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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Near the supermarket or minimarket checkout, you can find many SilverQueen brand chocolates along with other brands. However, due to the very ‘westernized’ name, many people think SilverQueen is a foreign product. Moreover, other brands also have similar names.

However, this assumption is apparently wrong. SilverQueen is not chocolate made abroad, but originally from within the country, specifically Garut. What’s the story?

The story begins when the Dutch founded a chocolate factory in Garut called NV Ceres. The factory is not big, just a home industry scale. However, wrote M Ma’ruf in 50 Great Business Ideas from Indonesia (2010), when the Japanese came in 1942, the Dutch sold their factory to an ethnic Chinese resident named Ming Chee Chuang.

According to records Forbes (26/08/2006), Ming Chee Chuang, is a man from Burma (now Myanmar). He fled from Burma and settled in Bandung during the Dutch East Indies era. When he arrived in the Dutch East Indies, Chang initially lived a life full of difficulties. Moreover, when he bought the NV Ceres chocolate factory, political changes occurred in the Dutch East Indies which affected the running of Ceres’ business.

It was only when the situation was conducive, around the 1950s, that Chuang changed the name of NV Ceres to PT Perusahaan Industri Ceres. Unexpectedly, this name change actually brought blessings. After the name change, Ceres’ chocolate became quite well known. Even President Sukarno only wanted to eat Ceres’ chocolate because it was so delicious. Even during the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung, Ceres chocolate was the main dish.

From here, Ceres then rose to fame. Actually, there is nothing special about chocolate. Only cocoa is mixed with sugar and milk then stirred and adjusted to the heating temperature. The end result is liquid chocolate that doesn’t taste very strong. Aka, chocolate wasn’t really a bar like it is today.

It wasn’t until the late 1950s that the idea of ​​making chocolate bars emerged. At that time, Chuang wanted to freeze the liquid chocolate in bar form. Unfortunately, the tropical weather in Garut and Bandung cannot make chocolate sturdy and strong. Understandably, at that time there were no refrigerators like there are now.

“Chuang didn’t run out of ideas. He mixed chocolate mixture with cashew nuts which made the chocolate bar look like strong reinforced concrete. This chocolate bar product was later named SilverQueen,” wrote Ma’ruf.

The innovation of mixing cashews into chocolate mixture paved the way for Chuang’s success. People increasingly like the chocolate made by Ceres called SilverQueen. Moreover, with this shape, the chocolate will last longer and can be taken anywhere.

Slowly, the Ceres manufacturer not only produces SilverQueen, but also meisies or meses. This product is in the form of chocolate granules to complement eating bread. Later, Chuang’s machine product was named Ceres. The word Ceres itself has even become the name for all brands of machines.

Now, Ming Chee Chuang has passed down Ceres and SilverQuen to his children. Chuang’s son founded Petra Food and its head office is in Singapore. PT Ceres is a subsidiary of Petra Food. Apart from the two products already mentioned, Ceres’ other products are: Ritz, Delfi, Chunky, Briko wafers, Top and Selamat biscuits.

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