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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Talking about the existence of donuts in Indonesia, urban communities are synonymous with J.Co. This brand is exclusive in terms of price and taste. On this basis, many people think that J.Co is a foreign product.

Especially in the midst of the heated conflict in Palestine, J.Co is often the target of boycotts because it is considered to come from abroad. Unfortunately, these assumptions and accusations have been proven wrong. J.Co is an original Indonesian product.

What’s the story?

J.Co’s story begins in 2005. At that time, a barber named Johny Andrean wanted to carry out a new experiment in the world of food. She wanted to try out the culinary industry after being involved in the beauty industry for a long time. This time he wants to build a donut shop.

However, this donut shop is not Johny’s first experiment in the culinary world. Previously, according to the presentation Asia’s Star Brands (2006), he has tried the culinary business by holding a bakery license from Singapore, namely Bread Talks. The success of Bread Talks is what the donut industry wants to repeat. After all, the world of Indonesian donuts is still quite quiet.

Regarding opening a donut shop, Johny was recorded as having taken a donut making course. According to Muhammad Maruf in 50 Great Business Ideas form Indonesia (2010), this course was followed by Johny in the United States. He learned how to make donuts, from making them to the sales process.

With confidence, skills and astuteness in seeing business opportunities, Johny Andrean founded J.Co on July 26 2005 (other sources say June 26 2005). The first outlet is in Supermall Karawaci, Tangerang.

When doing business with J.Co, the man from Singkawang applied his course knowledge. So, it is not surprising that J.Co is considered and has a strong Western feel. He goes for a soft, but not too dense type of doughnut. He is also good at making various flavors of donuts with various contents inside or on the surface, so this is what has become his trademark.

Not only that, Johny also made a new breakthrough that was not followed by competitors in the food sector, namely a Japanese-style concept called open kitchen. Through the open kitchen, visitors can find out what’s inside J.Co’s kitchen.

Visitors will know the level of cleanliness of the kitchen, the donut baking process, including the flavoring at the final stage. All of this provides a unique impression and experience for visitors.

Meanwhile, for marketing, Johny targets the upper middle class with deep wallets. On this basis, he made Supermall Karawaci, which is in the middle of the Lippo Group offices and the Pelita Harapan University educational area, as J.Co’s first outlet.

“It’s natural that many people came here when Johny Andrean opened the first donut and coffee shop at Supermall Karawaci,” said Maruf.

In the end, the strategy played by Johny Andrean as a newcomer to the world of donuts was quite successful. In less than months or still in the same year, J.Co has expanded to several big cities in Indonesia, even in Kuala Lumpur with 2 outlets and 1 outlet in Singapore.

Thanks to Johny Andrean’s sweat, J.Co has now succeeded in occupying the top position in the Indonesian donut market. It is noted on its official website that J.Co now has hundreds of outlets in several countries.

A total of 275 outlets in Indonesia, then 44 outlets in the Philippines, 17 outlets in Malaysia, five outlets in Saudi Arabia, and three outlets in Singapore and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, its competitor, which previously existed, namely Dunkin’ Donuts, as of 2022, is known to only have 100 stores.

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