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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – No matter how great technology is created, humans cannot avoid the phase of life called death. All religious teachings say that death must come to humans.

Every birthday, and receiving prayers and hopes for a long life, will certainly be accepted. However, humans will still meet their end. The only step that can be taken is to slow down the time of death, even though humans will still die in the end.

However, a different view emerged from the mind of Bryan Johnson (46). Johnson is a technology entrepreneur who has spent the last three years pursuing one goal: don’t die.

To Time, he believes death is simply a choice. As a result, he chose not to die, even though experts said it was impossible.

“Most people think death is inevitable. Basically I’m just trying to extend the time they have before they die,” he said.

The strong reason behind Johnson doing this was trauma. In his youth he lived an unhealthy life and was close to death. He was declared obese and depressed to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Realizing that this treatment was dangerous, he, who was already very rich, dared to spend US$ 4 million or Rp. 62 billion per month to avoid dying. He hired 30 special doctors to design and restore the body and its internal organs to stay youthful.

They are working to restore the heart to the age of 37 years and the lungs to the youthful age of around 18 years, and want the skin to be firm again like that of a teenager. So how did the doctor and Johnson do that?

“You only need to take 111 pills every day, wear a baseball cap that emits red light on the scalp, routinely collect stool samples every day for a doctor to check, and install an erection detector,” he wrote. Time.

Not only that, he is also careful in living his daily life, which for ordinary people is very complicated and very hard.

When he woke up, the first step Johnson took was to remove all the laser cables connected to his body. This cable stimulates collagen growth and reduces wrinkles.

Then after that, he went to the scales to calculate body fat and blood sugar index. Don’t forget to check your body temperature in your ear. If this has been done, he will immediately eat the various medicinal pills that have been provided.

After that, he washed his face with wrinkle-preventing cream and used a laser beam on his face. Only after that did Johnson start to fulfill his nutritional intake. He only wants to eat food from areas high in polyphenols or antioxidants which are then processed according to his wishes.

And all these activities are carried out every day. So far, as explained The Guardianhe claimed that the whole “ritual” was successful in making him look younger.

He feels healthier and fresher like a young man even though he is almost half a century old. The man born in 1977 named his activity “The Project Blueprint.” Johnson hopes that this project will be used for people in the future who don’t want to age, stay young and live forever. Even so, the future of the project is bleak.

The reason is, not all scientists support Bryan’s steps. The reason is simple: humans will definitely die. Whether Bryan will die or whether he will still be alive in another 1,000 years, no one knows for sure. However, looking at fate, it is very likely that Johnson will meet his death in the future.

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