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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Mitra Muda Jaya or PK Entertainment as the Coldplay concert organizer answered the call Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) through the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Business Order (PKTN) on Thursday, November 30 2023. The summons was to clarify and follow up on complaints from consumers who failed to watch the Coldplay concert even though they had officially purchased tickets.

“The Ministry of Trade is following up on consumer complaints, in this case buyers of Coldplay music concert tickets who feel disadvantaged. Regarding this, we have met and asked for clarification from PK Entertainment as the organizer of the music concert,” explained the Director General of PKTN Moga Simatupang in his written statement, quoted Monday (4/12/2023).

Please convey, for consumers who feel disadvantaged by purchasing tickets on the official website, but cannot be scanned and cannot enter, they can show valid evidence and contact the business actor via email to the address [email protected] for further processing.

During the meeting, PK Entertainment Legal representative Joy Munthe said that his party was only responsible for official ticket purchases. Joy explained that the double ticket problem occurred because there were individuals who bought tickets from the official website, then resold the tickets to other parties by duplicating the tickets and unique codes. The scanner will only read the unique code once. If if duplication occurs, the unique code cannot be used.

Meanwhile, regarding the problem of the ultimate ticket gate being broken, Joy continued, PK Entertainment has placed a security and crowd control team at each gate to manage queues. The condition of the ultimate gate seemed chaotic because visitors were jostling to enter. Checks are also carried out manually on visitors who enter through the ultimate gate.

“Visitors who are found not to have an official ticket are invited to leave the location. Visitors who can enter are only those who can show ownership of the e-ticket and the Population Identification Number (NIK) listed on the e-ticket. We also provide security officers consisting of 1,043 personnel security and 4,000 police officers,” explained Joy.

Other complaints regarding the organization of the Coldplay concert included inadequate and messy queues for the audience, long queues at food stalls, and several visitors who fainted.

“We have informed visitors about the queue flow, entrance gates and ticket categories as stated on the e-ticket. These undesirable things happen because there is a possibility that consumers do not follow the guidelines that have been included,” added Joy.

Furthermore, Joy said that his party had provided 60 food outlets, two main health posts, 12 supporting health posts, 28 doctors, 120 nurses and 18 ambulances in the concert area.

“Visitors can also read instructions or ask ushers in the field regarding the location of food outlets and other supporting facilities. We have also provided care for consumers who experience health problems. This problem is an evaluation for PK Entertainment so that similar problems can be minimized for it won’t happen again,” he concluded.

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