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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are interesting facts behind the success of Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’ Jakarta concert at the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium, last Wednesday (15/11/2023).

It is known that 2023 will be the first time the British band has set foot in Indonesia since it was formed in 1997. It turns out that the first arrival of Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion to Indonesia was quite special because they used a new type of visa, namely the music and art visa.

Reporting from the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration, the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, revealed that the type of visa used by Coldplay was only launched in September 2023.

In more detail, Coldplay and crew consist of four music performer visas (index C7A) and 158 music performer’s crew visas (index C7B).

According to Silmy, Coldplay’s arrival is the right moment to introduce and socialize visa music and art.

“The government is trying to make Indonesia a destination country for international activities or events that are taken into account,” said Silmy, quoted Friday (17/11/2023).

“Therefore, the Directorate General of Immigration issued a music and art visa policy with concise requirements and the application is also very easy, done online,” he continued.

Silmy explained that there are a number of advantages of a music and arts visa for international musicians who will hold concerts in Indonesia, namely there is no need to attach a labor permit, a Police Record Certificate (SKCK), or a certificate of at least five years of work experience.

According to him, this simplification was implemented because international musicians were only active for a short time in Indonesia.

“Work carried out by foreign bands or singers in Indonesia also does not have a competitive effect on local workers,” said Silmy.

“Apart from that, SKCK does not exist abroad so if it were required it would be unusual,” he added.

Meanwhile, music and art visa applications can be submitted directly by the concert organizer or promoter via the official website

Silmy emphasized that the presence of the music and arts visa aims to support Indonesia as a music and arts tourism destination. Apart from that, music and visa arts are expected to contribute to the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

“Apart from that, Indonesian citizens (Indonesian citizens) also don’t need to go abroad to watch concerts,” he concluded.

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