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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A survey by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) found that the number of internet users in Indonesia reached 215.63 million people in the 2022-2023 period. The high number of internet users and the digital transformation that is taking place have made data security a focus for the Government.

Director of Economic Studies and SKA Lemhannas RI Admiral TNI, Ocktave Ferdinal admitted that data security is still one of the problems that must be addressed, in order to avoid cyber attacks and crimes (cyber crime). The speed of investigating problems and coordinating various parties must also be increased.

“This is what is hoped, the coordination that is built will be able to speed up taking action against every cyber threat,” said Ocktave in the CNBC Indonesia Cyber ​​Security Forum, Thursday (2/11/2023).

In line with Ocktave, SIEM Product Manager Multipolar Technology, Ignasius Oky, said that collaboration between the government and the technology industry in improving cyber security makes all parties are more alert to the threat of attack.

“We are here as a bridge to present IT pillars in terms of competency to build teams cyber security “what previously didn’t exist has become available,” explained Ignasius.

According to him, preventive measures are very important because cyber attacks are like an epidemic that can continue to spread throughout the industry. His party is also committed to preventing and finding out the source of attacks, so that they can be corrected and help the industry adopt c techniquesyber security new.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN), Ariandi Putra, said that the resources that hackers usually target come from applications, networks and database servers. BSSN noted that there are several forms of attacks that often occur, such as malware attacks.

Apart from that, cyber attacks are not only technical, but also social. Ariandi said that BSSN highlighted social cyber attacks related to next year’s election political parties.

“Some are related to collecting information circulating in society, so that it can target each person, in order to change or carry out brainwashing. The aim is to create chaos in society. There are several things we see such as black propaganda, point and stick, and also take information,” he explained.

He emphasized that BSSN also carries out patrols and invests in cyber attacks of a technical and social nature, one of which is through National Operational Center.

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