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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not long ago, information spread about an alleged new fraud method. Namely making video call sex (VCS) from an unknown number.

This method was revealed by an Instagram user. He also shared his experience of getting the video call.

The unknown call came through his WhatsApp account. The user ignored the call three times, but finally picked it up out of curiosity.

“Well, the fourth time, because I was curious about who this was, I finally picked it up, but I was facing the camera against the wall. And I was shocked when I picked it up and it turned out that the woman wasn’t wearing any clothes at all and she looked like a VCS,” he said, quoted from CNN IndonesiaWednesday (13/12/2023).

Then, he asked the meaning of the call. Finally the caller hung up the phone call.

The user finally sent a WhatsApp message to that number. However, he only checked one message and it turned out to be blocked.

“I don’t know what this person means by doing something like that, but in my opinion this seems like a new method of fraud. So maybe later our faces will be on his WhatsApp screen, he can just take a screen shot and then threaten to share it as if “As if we were VCS,” he continued.

Cyber ​​security expert Alfons Tanujaya said VCS from an unknown number was a threat mode. The perpetrator will take advantage of the victims’ ignorance about technology.

If someone in the community is threatened, it is best to contact relatives who understand and ask for help. Meanwhile, regarding whether this is a new method, he cannot be sure.

“The truth still needs to be proven. So it’s not necessarily true, it’s just that it might be popular because it’s viral,” said Alfons.

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