Eid Eid Foods Make Cholesterol Rise? Immediately eat these 5 fruits

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran is often a time of crazy eating after fasting in the month of Ramadan for a whole month.

Behind the moments and contents of these foods, there is something you still have to watch out for, namely cholesterol. Because cholesterol is one of the conditions that many people suffer from after Eid al-Fitr due to uncontrolled eating patterns.

High cholesterol is a condition that should not be ignored because cholesterol is a source or trigger for various health problems, such as the risk of heart disease, stroke, and worsening blood circulation.

One way to lower cholesterol levels is to adjust your diet, one of which is regularly consuming fruit. The following are fruits that are effective in lowering high cholesterol, summarized from various sources.

1. Apple

The first most effective cholesterol-lowering fruit is apples. This fruit contains soluble fiber which is very good for reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body. Based on research published in the European Journal of Nutrition, study participants who ate 550 grams of apples a day had lower cholesterol levels.

However, this effect was not seen in study participants who consumed clear apple juice because the fiber was removed.

2. Avocado

Apart from dieting, avocado is also claimed to be the most effective cholesterol-lowering fruit. The reason is, this fruit contains unsaturated fats which are very good for the body.

“Anything with avocado will have a very good ratio of monounsaturated versus polyunsaturated fats,” Emily Schmidt, RDN, a dietitian from the Mayo Clinic, was quoted as saying Friday (12/4/2024).

“Too much of only polyunsaturated fat can lower good cholesterol [HDL] You too,” he continued.

Even though it can be eaten directly, avocado can also be consumed mixed with other ingredients, such as using avocado oil in cooking, making it into salads or sandwiches.

3. Give

Berries, such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates and strawberries are also claimed to be the most effective cholesterol-lowering fruits. The reason is, these fruits are rich in soluble fiber and low in sugar which can reduce bad cholesterol levels.

4. Guava

The contents of guava fruit can also help protect the heart, especially from damage caused by free radicals. Apart from that, the potassium content in this fruit can also help reduce bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol levels.

5. Fruit is high in soluble fiber

There are other fruits that are also believed to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, such as bananas, oranges, pears and plums, because they contain high levels of soluble fiber which helps prevent the digestive tract from absorbing cholesterol.

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