Elon Musk ‘Acts Up’ Again, Apple-Disney Cs Stop Advertising on X Tech – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple and Disney and a number of other giant companies decided to stop advertising on X, previously known as Twitter.

This decision came after Boss X Elon Musk said he agreed with social media posts accusing the “Jewish community” of encouraging “hatred against white people”. This was revealed according to a source who knows the steps of the two companies to CNBC International.

In addition, media giants Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount Global, and Lions Gate Entertainment also temporarily suspended their advertising campaigns on X. Spokespeople for these companies said this decision.

It didn’t stop there, a spokesperson for Comcast, the company that owns Bravo and Xfinity which is also the parent company CNBCsaid on Friday (17/11/2023) that they were stopping online advertising campaigns on X.

Previously, the non-profit group Media Matters for America said advertising content from major companies such as IBM, Disney, Oracle and Infinity was displayed alongside “content praising Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party”.

An IBM spokesperson later said Thursday that the tech giant would discontinue its online advertising campaign on X.

“IBM has zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination and we immediately suspended all advertising on X while we investigate this completely unacceptable situation,” he said as quoted by CNBCSaturday (18/11/2023).

Meanwhile, Apple, Disney and Oracle did not respond to requests for comment.

A coalition of 163 Jewish leaders, activists and academics representing both major political parties also issued a statement this week in response to Musk’s recent behavior. The coalition, called Group X Out Hate, is calling on companies like Disney, Apple and Amazon “to stop funding X through their advertising spending.”

The coalition group initially urged the companies to suspend their online advertising campaigns on X in September, when Musk insinuated that he would file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Musk accused ADL of “trying to kill this platform the wrong way and accusing me of being antisemitic.”

At the time, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who also criticized Musk’s controversial X post as recently as this week, dismissed the Tesla chief’s rhetoric as “reckless threats of lawsuits.”

On Friday, the White House publicly criticized Musk over the billionaire’s tweets.

On the same day, Musk responded to the backlash he received. He decided that X users who tweeted the Palestinian political slogan, “from the river to the sea” would be hit suspend.

“As I said earlier this week, ‘decolonization’, ‘from the river to the sea’ and similar euphemisms imply genocide,” Musk wrote.

“Clear calls for extreme violence are against our terms of service and will result in suspension.”

Greenblatt responded by saying in X’s post that the move was important and combated hate.

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