Elon Musk Let Twitter X Flood with Islamic-Jewish Conspiracies Tech – 19 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Since the Hamas vs Israel war broke out, Twitter has failed to stem the flood of hate speech on the social media platform now called X.

X’s Twitter is full of content that promotes anti-Hebrew conspiracies, glorifies Hitler, and dehumanizes Muslims and Palestinians.

A non-profit organization that researches hate and online extremism, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), collected 200 pieces of content posted by 101 accounts containing hate speech. Every piece of content has been reported to Twitter X with the features available on the platform.

The tool provided by Twitter X asks users to mark (flag) and provide information about violation categories. One of the violation options selected by users is “slurs, racist and sexist stereotypes, dehumanization, inciting fear or discrimination, hateful references, or hateful logos and symbols.”

According to CCDH, 196 of the 200 reported contents could still be found on Twitter X. One account was blocked and two accounts were locked. Some content viewed by TechCrunch, Twitter

A total of 82 of the 101 Twitter X accounts reported were paid accounts with a blue tick. Cumulatively, all reported content has been viewed more than 24 times.

Twitter X did not respond to a request for confirmation regarding their content policy.

CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed said that Twitter X’s claims about efforts to monitor and limit hate speech were “just nonsense.”

“Hate-mongering actors are still free on Elon Musk’s platform,” he said.

CCDH was the target of a lawsuit by Twitter X. Twitter X claimed that CCDH used data on their platform without permission and deliberately damaged the company’s advertising business.


According to the article, Twitter X has taken action against 325,000 pieces of content that violate its terms and conditions.

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