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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The satellite-based internet network developed by Starlink is a mainstay in several remote areas.

The service developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company provides communication network solutions in remote areas that are difficult to reach by sea and land infrastructure.

Starlink internet usage is also utilized in emergency situations such as natural disasters and war.

Well, it turns out that Starlink already has competitors from China. None other than Huawei, a consumer electronics and telecommunications company which is an ‘enemy’ of the United States (US) government.

Quoted from Sammobile, Tuesday (28/11/2023), Huawei has tested a low earth orbit satellite internet service whose mechanism is exactly the same as Starlink.

In the company’s presentation spread on Chinese social media, Weibo, it was revealed that Huawei’s satellite download speed reached 660 Mbps.

This test achievement is far above Starlink. In the US, Starlink recorded download speeds of 66.59 Mbps. Meanwhile, in Canada the speed is higher, up to 93.97 Mbps.

Chief Scientist at Huawei 6G Wireless Lab, Wang Jun, shared the test results at the Aerospace Information Industry International Ecosystem Event in Chongqing, China.

Information about Huawei’s ambitions to compete with Starlink is actually not surprising. Because, Huawei has included the ability to connect with geostationary satellites in its newest mobile phone, the Mate 60 Pro.

Huawei did not specify which satellite was used to test the newest internet service. However, recently China has launched several low earth orbit satellites.

Launching commercial services for a satellite network like Starlink does take quite a long time. However, it is clear that Huawei will go in that direction.

Huawei has several advantages that other players such as SpaceX do not have. One of them, Huawei is a smartphone manufacturer.

Even though the US has blacklisted Huawei cellphones, they have more points to present smartphones in remote areas by relying on satellite-based internet networks.

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