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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) is accelerating the electric motorbike conversion program in Indonesia, one of which involves business entities. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif said the target for converting electric motorbikes is 50 thousand units by 2023.

Arifin also said that next year the electric motorbike conversion target will be increased. The vehicles targeted by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for conversion are motorbikes that are more than 10 years old.

“We have an allocation of 50,000 units and we hope it will be at least close to that figure by the end of the year. We will increase it next year, we are aiming for 10 years and above,” explained Arifin when met at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Jakarta, Friday (20/10/2023) .

He said that his party was starting to actively invite corporations, both state-owned and private, to convert company official motorbikes. “We tried door-to-door, to BUMN, offices, there have been many responses too, including to the private sector,” he added.

He claimed that this was done to speed up the mechanism for converting electric motorbikes in the country.

“We have to develop our workshops so that they have qualifications, as well as licensing problems and then later problems, the mechanism can be accelerated,” he said.

Previously, the Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Dirjen EBTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Yudo Dwinanda Priaadi, said that the electric motor conversion target for 2024 will be higher than this year due to the provision of conversion workshops and human resources which have continued to be developed since 2023 This.

“Next year (the target for converting electric motorbikes) as I recall is 150 thousand,” he said when met at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Jakarta, Thursday (5/10/2023).

In fact, if you look at the data from the Directorate General of EBTKE, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, there are 5,628 interested people interested in converting electric motorbikes, but among them there are 2,069 interested people who withdrew for various reasons.

With the current conditions, he said that if the target of 50 thousand electric motorbike conversions is not achieved, it will continue in 2024.

“(If the conversion target in 2023 is not achieved) we will take it over to next year, where next year we will be ready because the workshop already exists and we hope that there will also be a class A workshop for testing, so that will help those that don’t exist now. ,” he added.

He claims that the electric motorbike conversion program for next year will also be supported by a supply chain that is developing along with the growing market. “Supply chains have also started to exist because the market is developing and the private sector is more comfortable entering because the market is developing,” he said.

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