Facebook Boss Labeled Terrorist, Becomes Fugitive from Russia Tech – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the Meta bosses (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) has been on the wanted list for the Russian Minister of the Interior since February 2023. This was reported by Russian media on Sunday (26/11) local time.

According to Mediazona, Russian media which is not affiliated with the government, Andy Stone, who is one of Meta’s top officials, was labeled as the perpetrator of unspecified terrorism.

Russian state media, TASS, also reported that Stone was wanted under the Russian Criminal Code, quoted from BusinessInsiderMonday (27/11/2023).

Stone serves as Communications Director for Meta. He has worked at the social media giant since 2014, based on information on his personal LinkedIn account.

Mediazona also reported that Stone had been detained in ‘absentia’ status, that is, without a suspect present, in a Russian court decision in mid-November.

However, it was not revealed what violations Stone had committed. On the wanted list of the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs, there is no case listed against Stone.

This case adds to the long list of Russian attempts to bring down Meta. Before the war broke out in Ukraine, Meta products such as Facebook and Instagram were popular among local people.

However, now the services under Meta have been blocked in Russia. Meta as an entity has also been labeled a ‘terrorist’ and an ‘extreme’ organization since October 2022.

However, WhatsApp, which is also a subsidiary of Meta, can still operate in Russia, according to the Mediazona report.

In March 2022, Russia also filed a lawsuit against Meta accusing it of promoting terrorist activities, after the service changed its hate speech rules for Ukrainian and Polish users.

Meta did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation regarding the case involving one of its employees.

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