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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) has announced big plans to welcome the 2024 election year in several countries. These include Indonesia, the United States, India, Mexico and the European Union.

In his official blog, President of Global Affairs Meta Nick Clegg said that one of Meta’s strategies is to block political advertisements a week before elections are held in several countries.

Clegg also talked about the investment that Meta has made of US$ 20 billion to ensure security on its platform since the 2016 election.

“No technology company has invested more than Meta to protect the course of elections in the online realm,” he said, quoted from MashableThursday (30/11/2023).

Meta’s massive investment is focused on fighting disinformation and hate speech which often creates polarization on social media.

It is known that Facebook was involved in a major scandal in the popular Cambridge Analytica report after it was widely released in the mass media in 2018. The Facebook algorithm was accused of being able to sway public opinion and influence objectivity in the US elections which won Donald Trump as president in 2017.

Meta says it has detected more than 700 groups spreading hate on Facebook. Among them, there are 400 white supremacist organizations that have been discovered and will be prosecuted.

Earlier this month, Meta also announced it would require political ads to label content developed with artificial intelligence (AI) technology on Facebook and Instagram.

This rule applies to various media formats, from video footage, audio and photos. It is feared that the development of AI could create chaos with the rise of disinformation ahead of the 2024 elections.

Even Meta’s efforts cannot guarantee that the virtual world will be free from disinformation. The war against disinformation seems endless along with technological developments.

For this reason, the public is also encouraged to be critical and develop digital literacy in consuming various information on the internet.

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