Firm! Joe Biden Threatens Kim Jong Un Coup News – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Joe Biden’s administration has given a firm warning to North Korea (North Korea) about its touted nuclear plans. The United States (US) asked North Korea not to dare launch a nuclear attack on its country or allies.

“[Serangan nuklir] “is unacceptable and will have an impact on the end of the Kim Jong Un regime,” stated a joint official statement from the US and South Korea (South Korea) on Saturday (16/11) local time, quoted by Reuters.

Furthermore, the US said that a nuclear attack from North Korea would be responded to with strong action and could destroy North Korea.

The US and the Korean Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) met for the second time in bilateral discussions in Washington to discuss nuclear deterrence. This is part of the two countries’ commitment to share strategies in the event of conflict with North Korea.

For information, Pyongyang has developed and tested a series of ballistic missiles which at any time could target South Korea, Japan and the US.

South Korea’s deputy national security adviser said North Korea may test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile this month. Even though the test range did not expand, the plan was considered a nuclear threat because it could carry a nuclear warhead.

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