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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – When you park your vehicle at a public facility such as a mall, you may forget its location. Especially if the car is parked among many vehicles in a large parking area.

However, now you don’t need to panic anymore if you forget to park your vehicle. For Android Auto users, Google presents a feature to easily locate the car.

This feature comes from Google Maps which is available on Android Auto. So, users can save parking locations on Google Maps. Later you will immediately lead to the parking location.

Launch Gizchina, Monday (11/12/2023), the feature will appear when the user arrives at the selected destination. When you arrive you will see ‘Save Parking Location’ or ‘Save Parking Location’, press this option and the parking location will be saved on Maps.

To find a parking location, all you have to do is open Google Maps. Android phones will also save locations to remind users.

Gizchina reports Android Auto users with the latest version of Maps will soon be able to use the new feature. So immediately update the application on the Google Play Store.

The same feature was previously available on Android phones. You just press the blue dot on Google Maps which shows the current location.

Once the blue dot is pressed, there will be options open. The name of this feature on Android phones is ‘Save your Parking’.

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