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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rapper from South Korea, G-Dragon finally opened his voice regarding the news about the drug case that ensnared him. The owner of the real name Kwon Jiyong officially denied all these accusations.

On Friday (27/10), G-Dragon, through his lawyer Kim Su Hyun, released an official statement denying that he had used drugs. The singer who was born in 1988 emphasized that he had nothing to do with the news circulating.

“I am Kwon Ji Yong. First of all, I do not use drugs. Then, I would like to clarify that the recent news about violations of the drug control law has nothing to do with me,” he said as reported AllKpopFriday (27/10/2023).

Despite denying his involvement in the drug abuse case, G-Dragon promised to be cooperative during the investigation.

“I am aware that many people are worried, so I will actively cooperate with the investigative agencies and strictly comply with the investigation,” he said.

Previously, on October 25, G-Dragon shocked his fans with reports that he was arrested by the police on drug-related charges.

Criminal Investigation Divisionn Drugs Incheon police stated that G-Dragon is being investigated for violating drug control laws. After the investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun, they made a drug-related statement that dragged G-Dragon’s name and continued additional investigations.

Previously in 2011, he was charged after he was caught smoking marijuana outside a club in Japan.

G-Dragon later claimed that he accidentally smoked marijuana because he initially thought it was a regular cigarette offered by a Japanese fan. After that, the charges were later dropped.

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