Gal Gadot Condemns Israeli Ceasefire, Netizens Uproar Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Hollywood actress who plays ‘Wonder Woman’ received harsh criticism from netizens around the world. This followed his scathing comments criticizing the UN recommendation for war in the Middle East between Israel and the Hamas group.

The UN asked both parties to implement a humanitarian ceasefire. This is because more than 8,000 Palestinians in Gaza have died as a result of continuous bombardment by Israel.

Gal Gadot openly criticized the proposal. He even questioned the humanity of the parties who agreed to the ceasefire.

“Why do we need to convince the public that it is [serangan Israel ke Gaza] not good? Others ask for a ceasefire, I support peace. The hostages are still there. There is not a word about the hostages,” he said in an interview that went viral on the internet.

Gal Gadot has been known to vocally defend Israel. On her personal Instagram account, Gal Gadot wrote in her bio “STAND WITH ISRAEL”, accompanied by a link to donate to that country.

For your information, Gal Gadot joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for two years, when she was 20 years old. He served as a combat instructor.

Gal Gadot’s criticism of the Israeli ceasefire drew harsh criticism from netizens. His name immediately entered the trending topic on X (formerly Twitter).

According to CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, up to now there have been 50,900 tweets discussing the topic ‘Gal Gadot’. Apart from that, there are several topics that are becoming popular, such as ‘#CeaseFireInGaza’, ‘Zionist’, and ‘#FreePalestine’.

Not a few netizens have spoken out to boycott the film ‘Snow White’ by director Greta Gerwig. One of the actors is Gal Gadot.

“BOYCOTT THIS FILM! Gal Gadot is a Zionist and member of the IDFF who has committed terror and crimes against humanity in Palestine for more than 75 years,” said a netizen.

Other public figures who supported and liked Gal Gadot’s post voicing support for Israel were also sprayed by netizens.

“Dian Purnomo, author of the book Women Who Cry to the Black Moon liked the post @/gal_gadot who declared his side with Israel. What are you doing..?,” said a netizen.

“Gal Gadot says people who ask for a ceasefire have lost their humanity. In the eyes of people like her, Palestinians are not part of humanity. This is what makes Israeli supporters legitimize mass murder,” said a netizen.

“These are the artists who like posts Gal Gadot What does “I stand with Israel” mean? Apart from the genocide carried out by the Israeli Zionists??

Giorfino Abraham

John Martin

Jeremy Thomas

Warren Tanoesoedibjo,” said a netizen.

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