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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The game made by an Indonesian developer entitled ‘A Space for the Unbound’, is included in one of the nominations for the biggest game awards, namely The Game Awards 2023.

Space for the Unbound is included in the Games for Impact category, along with five other titles.

A Space for the Unbound will compete with Chants of Sennaar, Goodbye Volcano High, TCHIA, Terra Nil, and Venba.

Quoting the official Game Award 2023 website, games that are included in the Games for Impact category are considered to have an impact for thought-provoking games with pro-social meaning or messages.

This game was released January 19 2023 with developer Mojiken and publisher Toge Productions.

A Space For The Unbound is a slice-of-life adventure game that tells the story of overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a man and a woman who have supernatural powers.

A pair of lovers named Atma and Raya experience a magical adventure set at the end of their school days, and the end of the world.

A mysterious supernatural force suddenly appears and threatens their existence. Players will have to explore and investigate the city to uncover hidden secrets, face the end of the world, and will learn more about each other.

Set in a small town inspired by 90s rural Indonesia, A Space for The Unbound presents a story-based experience with dynamic environments that can be explored.

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