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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – National Winning Team number three, Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD, said that Indonesia could dream of having its own artificial intelligence (AI). Not only that, but also AI that can compete at the world level.

“We can dream that our nation’s children can produce artificial intelligence, can produce global digital product applications that are world competitive, of course the government must be present to support it with a work-ready curriculum and creative industries,” said Winning Team Ganjar Renard Widarto.

Apart from AI, he also invited people to dream that one day they could have cellphone products, laptops that could compete globally, from low tech to high tech, all industries could be done domestically. To achieve this, it must be through industrialization.

The atmosphere of the Indonesia Digital Summit event (Screenshot)Photo: Ganjar Renard Widarto’s Winning Team (Screenshot)

To reach that point is certainly not easy because it requires superior Human Resources (HR). The method must be through competent digital literacy where Ganjar Mahfud promises one poor family with one graduate.

“The state must encourage the nation’s children to have knowledge in the field of digital information technology. We must have more AI experts, global security experts, world-class computer science experts, Ganjar-Mahfud interprets this as an important function of research, so the research budget must be 1% of GDP,” said Renard.

However, what is worrying is that the number of Indonesian researchers in the ratio of 1 million population is only approximately 1/6 of Malaysia, so intelligent human resources and digital experts are non-negotiable in the series of optimal digital economic growth.

“Digital infrastructure, internet must be basic necessities, that is, everything can be connected, easy, cheap and fast. Easy to access, low cost and fast connection. Today we are far behind China, Brunei, even according to data from the Minister of Communication and Information, it is ranked 9th out of 10 countries. Without adequate digital infrastructure, it is impossible “Our digital economy can be optimal,” said Renard.

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