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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The late Kiki Fatmala once said that in 2022, she spent personal money and sold her villa in Bali for treatment. Kiki admitted that this was because he did not have insurance.

Kiki, who breathed her last breath on December 1 2023, said that she had undergone a chemotherapy procedure for the terminal cancer she was suffering from. He even underwent treatment outside of Singapore.

“I don’t have insurance, so all the medical expenses yesterday were my own, no insurance,” said Kiki, when he was a guest on FYP Trans 7 on October 19 2022.

As is known, the chemo costs that Kiki had to bear were not cheap, even reaching hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

“If we talk about costs, I think it’s really expensive because I told my husband that the important thing is that I get well, it’s okay if the money doesn’t take me to death,” continued Kiki.

Do you need to have health insurance?

When we get sick and have to undergo treatment, there will be a financial burden that must be borne. If a disease is declared fatal, it is possible that extra treatment efforts will be made and this could lead to an increase in a person’s expenses.

With insurance, the financial burden that should be borne can be transferred to the insurance company. Instead, customers are required to pay regular contributions or premiums annually.

As a result, when we get sick, we don’t need to drain our savings or sell assets to seek treatment.

It is also possible that debt could be the way to go if the money from selling assets is not enough.

Regarding whether or not you need health insurance, you yourself can answer this because things related to financial planning are personal or private.

However, things that you often have to pay attention to when choosing health insurance are appropriate benefits, as well as a premium amount that does not burden your finances. Forcing yourself to buy health insurance with complete benefits and expensive premiums will also make it difficult for you to meet your living and investment needs.

BPJS Health may be an alternative for those who need health insurance with cheap premiums. However, talking about flexibility and convenience of treatment, private health insurance can certainly be the right choice.

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