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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some of you may think that the recent decline in gold prices is an opportunity to buy. But what happens if your capital is limited and you intend to buy small gold, aka mini gold?

Mini gold can actually make it easier for people to invest in physical gold even with small capital.

One important feature for those who own this mini gold is the facility to exchange their mini gold for 1 gram Antam gold bullion.

However, it should be noted that the decision to exchange mini gold for Antam gold bullion itself is not a profitable decision. The following is a complete explanation that you should know.

Your gold valuation decreases

Mini gold is often considered a less profitable investment instrument because the purchase price of mini gold is more expensive.

According to information on the purchase price of mini gold on the EmasKITA website (10/11), the purchase price for 0.1 gram mini gold plus tax is IDR 155,900 (with a buyback price of IDR 103,260), while the price for 1 gram of Antam gold is IDR 1,064,800 (with buyback price IDR 987 thousand).

However, if you already often save mini gold every month, then it would be better if you don’t immediately exchange your mini gold collection for 1 gram of Antam gold.

Let’s just say you have 10 mini gold pieces in the 0.1 gram denomination that you bought for IDR 155,900, then that amount is equivalent to 1 gram of gold. However, the value of the gold you own is:

Value your gold

10 mini gold pieces 0.1 gram x IDR 155,900 = IDR 1,559,000

Mini gold value is all sold

10 mini gold pieces 0.1 gram x IDR 103,260 = IDR 1,032,600

If you exchange 10 pieces for 1 gram of Antam gold bullion, then the value of the gold you have is IDR 987 thousand or equivalent to the buyback price of 1 gram of Antam gold.

Even though they both measure 1 gram, the value of 1 gram of Antam gold bullion is still less than 10 mini gold pieces measuring 0.1 gram.

Mini gold is better sold in its original form

One strong reason to exchange mini gold is the practicality of storage. We certainly already know that gold bullion can be stolen by someone.

The more you save mini gold, the greater the risk of loss you may experience.

However, rather than losing money by exchanging it for 1 gram of Antam gold, it is better for you to sell it in mini size so you can maximize your investment profits.

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