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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google boss gave a warning to all Android cellphone users regarding ‘sideloading’.

Slideloading is a way in which Android cellphone users can install applications from websites or other sources. Discussions about sideloading have long been controversial.

Some say sideloading provides freedom and flexibility for users to access applications made by developers that are not officially available.

However, many also consider sideloading to be dangerous. Because, the applications available in the official application store have gone through a filtering process, so they are safer.

For your information, sideloading cannot be done on the iPhone. Apple has long strictly prohibited this mechanism.

This is also one of the key differences between Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s Android.

iOS is truly exclusive. All apps installed onto the iPhone and iPad must go through the Apple App Store app store.

However, the Digital Market Law (DMA) established by the European Union will force Apple to accommodate the sideloading mechanism on its devices. DMA considers sideloading important to prevent monopolistic practices.

So far, Apple is still opposing this decision on the pretext of maintaining user security. In fact, Apple wants to sue Europe because it considers that the App Store service does not fall into the ‘gatekeeper’ category which must comply with DMA.

Apart from all that, Apple also needs to be prepared if it loses and ultimately has to submit to DMA. In this way, Apple will inevitably become more and more like Android in the future.

Google CEO warns about sideloading

Interestingly, Google, which is the creator of Android, actually recognizes the dangers of sideloading. In his testimony, Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned all Android cellphone users that sideloading applications carries a high risk because they are susceptible to being infected with malware.

This warning is in line with the reason why Apple does not want to give sideloading permission. Apple also used Google’s statement as a ‘weapon’. According to Apple, even Google knows how much potential danger posed by sideloading applications.

The debate about sideloading focuses on one thing, namely how to create a balance between user freedom and user security.

Even though sideloading carries the risk of introducing dangerous viruses, this mechanism is considered to provide users with freedom of access to all applications. Apart from that, sideloading also allows users to access beta applications that are not yet official.

Another additional point, sideloading also supports independent application developers who do not want to be tied to the official application system on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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