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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google’s service ecosystem is a ‘loyal friend’ for modern society living in the digital era. Almost every online activity, from searching for information, entertainment, to communicating, uses the Google platform.

It’s not surprising that Google stores a lot of data on its users’ daily activities from Gmail products, Google Maps, Google Search, etc.

The following is some data collected by Google, based on CNBC International records in 2019:

  • Name, gender and date of birth
  • Personal cell phone number
  • search on Google
  • Sites visited
  • What users like, from sports to favorite foods and drinks
  • Workplace
  • Residence
  • Watched videos

Users can find out how each platform retrieves their respective data. Check out the following method:

1. Check Google’s Selected Ads

First, you need to log in to your Google account first. Next, click the Manage Ads Settings link, which aims to show what advertising topics are preferred according to Google. Some information that can be seen is gender, age, and ads that have been blocked.

2 Places You Have Visited

You can find out information about locations you have visited by going to the Google Locations History Page. Data has been stored and collected by Google Maps since 2010.

3. Watched YouTube Content

As a Google product, YouTube also knows information about each user. You can view activity information by going to the YouTube Search and YouTube Watch menus on the platform.

How to Turn Off Google Monitoring

Users can also stop Google’s practice of knowing personal information. However, for the record, users will no longer be able to see relevant advertisements after the feature is turned off.

In addition, the search recommendations that appear will be less useful. The personal experience that each Google product usually provides will also disappear.

The method below also does not mean that the stored tracking data will be deleted. However, location information after the feature is turned off will no longer be stored by Google.

To stop the practice of taking this information, consider the following method, quoted from Cnet, Wednesday (25/1/2023):

1. Open the page from a desktop or mobile browser.
2. Log in to your Google account.
3. Select Manage your Google Account. Next, on the Privacy & Personalization menu, select Manage your Data & Personalization.
4. There will be Activity Controls by scrolling the screen down, next select Manage your Activity Controls.
5. Next you will see a box called Web & App Activity, slide the toggle to turn it off.
6. Later there will be a notification ensuring the user understands what is being done by deactivating the setting. Select Pause.

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