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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google will cut access to the Chrome browser application for several older Android phones. For users who are still using the Android 7 Nougat operating system or older, they will not be able to use the Google Crome and Calendar applications starting in 2023.

Android 7 is an operating system released in 2016. This software comes after two updates to Google Material Design. That way, there aren’t too many visual changes or additions to the interface.

This version of Android was used when the first Google Pixel cellphone debuted. Other cellphones released to coincide with the launch of Android 7 are the LG V20, Galaxy Note 10, and OnePlus 3.

Quoted from AndroidHeadlinesWednesday (29/11/2023), cellphones with the Android operating system 7.1 and below will no longer be able to use Chrome starting in early 2024.

The same thing also happens to the Google Calendar application. The latest version of the application is numbered 2023-46-0-581792699. This edition can only be used on cellphones with the Android 8 operating system and above.

There is no solution that you can do if your cellphone is still stuck on Android 7 and cannot be updated. It’s time to change to a new cellphone.

Additionally, Android 7 hasn’t had a security update for too long. It’s a good idea to change to a newer version of your cellphone, so that it is more resistant to hacker and malware attacks.

There are many choices of new cellphones that you can buy. CNBC Indonesia made a list of the best cellphones in the range of 3-5 million, starting from 6 million, up to 9 million and above which are flagship smartphones. I hope this helps!

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