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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) again held GoTo Champion Partners (MJG) on November 9 2023. This first event since joining the GoTo ecosystem gives appreciation to the dedication of partners in empowering the progress of the community and the surrounding environment.

GoTo Group President Director, Patrick Walujo highlighting the theme ‘Indonesian Pride’ at this event, to highlight the role of partners in the GoTo ecosystem and be part of the success and pride of the Indonesian nation.

“The partners not only help Gojek, Tokopedia or GoTo Financial consumers, but also work together to help fellow partners and people in need. This activity reflects a sense of enthusiasm and gratitude for the achievements of GoTo partners in advancing Indonesia,” said Patrick in a written statement , Friday (10/11/2023).

Skindoze, one of Tokopedia’s partners, is one of the GoTo 2023 Champion Partners. This local brand produces skin care using swallow’s nest as its main ingredient.

Managing Director of Skindoze, Jenifer Widjaja expressed his pride as a Tokopedia partner who can grow together in supporting local products. According to him, support from Tokopedia also plays an important role, especially in market research and product visibility.

“There is a special pride in being able to grow with Tokopedia because they are both companies from Indonesia. Hopefully in the future Skindoze and Tokopedia can continue to progress together to provide the best products for the Indonesian people,” explained Jenifer.

Through Skindoze, Jenifer wants to encourage Indonesian women to feel confident with their diverse skin, with products specifically designed for tropical climate conditions. They believe that beauty is about believing in yourself and continuous progress.

Plus, Skindoze doesn’t just build demand domestically, but also promote Indonesia’s natural wealth. This local brand processes swallow’s nest, the benefits of which are still little known, into a series of quality skin care products.

“We are also proud to create skincare products with original ingredients from Indonesia because our products are specifically designed for Indonesian people’s skin, namely those with tropical temperatures,” he added.

For your information, the MJG 2023 event also gave awards to 9 Champion Partners from the On-Demand Services, Financial Technology and E-commerce business units.

The event was also attended by the directors, Champion Partners, and various GoTo ecosystem communities such as driver partners, the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG), the GoPay Friends of Smart Mothers (GOSIP) community, and the Tokopedia Family seller community (KTOP). Learn more about Skindoze’s story at the link the following.

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