Have a friend who likes Flexing? Beware of Infection & Sudden Poverty! My Money – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Quoting the words of motivator Jim Rohn who said, “You are the sum of the five people closest to you,” this will indirectly force you to be careful in choosing friends.

When you are in a circle of friends filled with people who like flexing or showing off, then it seems like you need a new environment.

Maybe, in the past you were a frugal and financially literate person, but after you have new friends and need to be accepted, it is not uncommon for you to have to sacrifice your principles and do what they consider normal.

When it is related to flexing, financial management can be forgotten.

Your lifestyle expenses may skyrocket because of this false happiness, and this ultimately makes it difficult for you to save or invest to make your finances healthy.

Here are three things you can do to protect yourself and act when you are around these people.

Be rich, don’t look rich

After your friend uploads a photo of a holiday to Europe and eating at one of the expensive restaurants there. You also feel disturbed and a desire arises in you to do the same thing so that you don’t feel defeated by him, but because your finances are still not enough to support you, you end up being determined to use financing facilities to be able to go on holiday.

As a result, your debt increases, passive expenses appear and your net worth is eroded because of consumer debt.

One aphorism that is quite famous and quite striking for such people actually comes from Canadian politician, Norm Kelly. Kelly said that you shouldn’t fall into poverty to look like a rich person.

Being rich and looking rich are certainly different things. Everyone can appear rich in the eyes of others, regardless of how much wealth they own.

Just hang out as needed

Maybe, the people around you are work friends, close neighbors, or maybe they are old friends from your former life. Of course, it is very difficult to stay away from them because you are forced to be present in this environment.

That doesn’t mean you really have to stay away from them right now. Socializing is fine, but limit your social interactions and don’t let yourself get trapped by following their lifestyle.

Always remember that, you still have a lot of work ahead for your future. Hanging out with them too often can certainly affect you,

Look for a new circle of friends

It’s not wrong to have more than one circle of friends. You can still look for a new circle of friends filled with people who are smarter, smarter, and more successful than you.

Through this circle of friends, you can certainly become a person who develops and is smarter than before.

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